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15.05.2020 | Reccobiz, Marketing

We have been asked on many occasions

“why do we need another marketing website”?

It`s so simple, the market is saturated with industry specific sites that just offer your contact details and nothing else, the marketing industry is so bent on making a huge profit with little or no interest in the companies they are listing. They offer NO user experience or benefit to the public, then for the privilege they take YOUR money for supplying a link, phone number or message to you – nothing else!

They dilute your exposure amongst many other businesses that are listed from outside of your working area and they do nothing to promote you as a business.

The benefit we provide

With these very simple facts, utilising the Reccobiz interactive platform to the fullest extent ticks all these boxes and more, thus generating reliable leads from client-based recommendations.


We will also offer you additional exposure with very cost-effective advertising boxes that are shown in your locality – thus you are not pushed out by a business with more budget than you have. It is advertising on a level playing field.

The types of advertising we offer

Free basic listing you can upload your business details and the public will find you through the search bar. They can request a link with you but will obtain no contact details until you link with them. By offering a FREE account, you can analyse the worth of a full subscription, see how many leads come through Reccobiz and see the value is worth the cost.

Subscribed listingyou have full functionality of the interactive social media platform. The public will find you through the search bar, all of your details will be openly available. The public can message you, phone you or link with you directly from their account and on your page. Once you accept their request to link, they will receive ALL of your social media updates and you will be able to utilise all of the communication tools we currently offer. The linked clients will then be able to share your business with their contacts, friends, family and all social media platforms.

Additional advertisingOnce you are a fully subscribing member of the group, you will be able to purchase an advertising box that will be displayed in different parts of the platform, this will provide additional exposure to everyone who has subscribed, not just your linked clients. The cost for this is extremely affordable and can be run for a long as you like. Our advertising boxes are very subtle, they are not `pop ups` that get in the way or irritate the person viewing the page and they are NOT sold to the highest bidder or outside businesses.


Main banner advertisingat the top of most pages and in certain other prominent areas. We have a page wide banner; this is available for nationwide adverting only. The banners will only be sold to companies that we feel will add benefit to the public user.

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