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How do I register?

Visit our user registration page. You can register as a public user or business user if you are a sole trader or business owner. You must verify your email address when prompted.

How do I find a business?

On the"Home Page", enter the industry or business type you wish to find, if you want a local search, enter a postcode and press "Search".

How do I delete a business from my contacts?

In "Your Connections", click "Show Connections", tick the business you wish to delete, and press the red X. You can reconnect at any time.

How do I report a business?

You can email or phone us. We will require a full written account of the issue you have experienced in order to carry out a full investigation. If we find the report to be justified, it will be logged. If re-occurring reports are received then the business will be removed from the Reccobiz platform.

Who can see my details?

Only businesses you have connected with can see your details.

How do I recommend a business?

Open the business page, click on "Recommend this business" and choose how you wish to share the recommendation.

How do I invite a friend or business to Reccobiz?

Go to "Your dashboard" and click "Invite others". This is the same for inviting friends or businesses to joint Reccobiz.

Can I register my business through my public account?

Yes you can register several business if you own them. This can be done via "Pricing" or in "Your details".

Can I connect with a business that is not on Reccobiz

No, you can only connect with registered businesses. You can invite them to join Reccobiz via "Your dashboard".

How do I post a testimonial?

On the business page, there is a link to write a testimonial. A STAR rating must be used.

How do I opt out of notifications?

This is currently being worked on.

How do I add to the blog?

Email or call 0118 449 2414 for more details.

How do I cancel my registration?

Go to "My Account", then "Your details" and click "Delete account". All information will be erased and irretrievable.

What shows on my news feed?

If a business you have linked with makes a news feed post, it will show on your news feed. You can share the post, like it or delete it. Sharing the post is the best way for a business to be noticed.

How do I send a message to a linked business?

In "your connections" tick the business, click "Create message", write the message and send.

Can I write a news feed post?

No, not as a public user. This function is so the business can inform you and their other connected public users of any offers or product updates.

Do I need to register to use the site?

No, you can utilise the basic search functions but you will not be able to connect with a business unless you have registered your details. Your details will be sent to the business you wish to connect with.

How do I register my business?

Go to the Business registration page, enter your details and select free registration or full subscription. A confirmation email will be sent to you. Click on the link in that email and you will be registered.

What is free of charge?

It is free of charge to register your details and appear in generic searches. You will not have access to the social functionality of the site and your contact details will not be displayed.

How much does it cost to register my business?

£350 +VAT per year or £35.00 per month to obtain full functionality or FREE with limited functionality. Charities and selected public organisations are FREE.

What benefits do I get from registering?

Businesses can connect with your clients and easily share special offers, price lists, and general updates. You can communicate with individual clients, some, or all of them depending on what information you want to share.  You will have you own page where you can display any information you want and update to suit you. Reccobiz is all about your client base sharing YOU as a business.

How do I place an advert?

Email or call 0118 449 2414 for more details.

How much does it cost to place an advert?

Email or call 0118 449 2414 for more details.

How long will my advert last?

Minimum time frame is 1 month. Email or call 0118 449 2414 for more details.

How do I connect with my clients?

Go to "Your connections", click on "Your business", click "Connections", then choose to either write a news post which will be placed on ALL of your connections news feed or click "tick box" for the people you wish to message, then "create message".

How do I change my user name?

Your user name is your email address, Your name or business name will be displayed on your pages. These can all be changed in "Your details".

How do I change my password?

Go to "Your details" and press the button "Change password"

How do I opt out of notifications?

We are currently working on this function.

How do I report a member of the public?

Email or call 0118 449 2414 and we will investigate the complaint.

How do I delete a member of public from my contacts?

Go to "Your connections" click "connections" in your listed business, click the red X for the connection you wish to delete. You can reconnect later if required.

How do new clients get recommended to my business?

Public users can share their favoured businesses with other people via the platform contact mediums. They then contact you via the platform "connect with business" button. If you have a full subscription you can connect, if you do not you will need to complete full registration to be able to connect.

Can I register as a public user?

Yes, it is best to register as a public user, then upgrade to a business listing.

How do I add to the blog page?

Email or call 0118 449 2414

Can I have more than 1 business listed?

Yes, just add another business in your dashboard.

How do I cancel my business subscription?

Go to "Your businesses", click on the business you wish to remove, at the bottom of the page is a RED "Delete business" button. Once deleted, ALL information will be lost.

Can I suspend my business listing?

Yes. Go to "Your businesses" click on the business, at the bottom of the page is the "Suspend business" button.

How do I unsuspend my business listing?

Email or call 0118 449 2414 and request to be unsuspended.

How do I report a problem with my account?

Email or call 0118 449 2414

Can i have 2 or more accounts?

Yes, but only if the other account is attached to a different email address.

Can I just have a business account?

Yes, you can also link to other business and still benefit from social interaction of the site.
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