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How does Reccobiz work?

You register your basic details that will only be shared with companies that you choose to “link” with, this is so they can communicate with you. You can save as many businesses as you like, and you can opt in or out of receiving updates from any or all of them.

By saving your favoured businesses, you –

  • will always have their contact details to hand
  • will always have up to date contact details
  • will receive special offers immediately
  • can easily share business details with friends and family

You the public are the drivers of the Reccobiz platform, if a business obtains reoccurring complaints, it will be removed, providing reassurance that only reputable businesses are listed. The name infers “recommend a business”, this puts the public totally in control of who they deal with and who they would recommend.

Because the Reccobiz platform is not all about business advertising, we are giving YOU the public users additional benefits –

  • forum for information and ideas
  • local media updates
  • current affairs pages
  • public and business interest pages
  • soon to be added will be free ads

Things to remember...

Always have to hand an updated directory of contact details, if either of you moves or updates their details, your own directory will be updated automatically meaning you will never lose contact.

Receiving targeted updates or offers mean you are first in the queue for an offer, event or product update and it will only come from a “linked” or “favoured” business that you have a genuine interest in.

  • Easily communicate with each other at the touch of a button
  • Call or message by the press of a button on any mobile device
  • Pick and choose who you link with
  • Benefit from the platform additions and forum
  • Only search results local to you will appear
  • You will not be bombarded with unnecessary adverts or popup`s
  • Block or hide a business so you don’t receive their offers or updates
  • Invite your favoured businesses to join Reccobiz

Business you can trust...

Keep up to date with news and offers