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How does Reccobiz work?

You, a reputable, recommended and vetted business or service provider is listed on the Reccobiz platform, which enables you link with your existing client base. Once linked you can share offers or product updates directly to your client base providing 100% targeted marketing or openly on your Reccobiz page for general public view. You maintain full contact and retain updated client information until you “unlink” with a given client.

Your client base (public users) will save all of their favoured businesses (you) in their Reccobiz directory, they will receive your special offers or product updates if they choose. They can then recommend your business to their contacts (family & friends) at the press of a button – they, then link with you giving you another potential client.

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Gives local exposure for virtually any business type and allows potential clients the opportunity to “link” directly with you.

Full Business Subscription

You will only be able to “link” with your clients and obtain full functionality and exposure on the Reccobiz platform once you have registered for a full subscription.

Things to remember...

Always have to hand an updated directory of contact details, if either of you moves or updates their details, your own directory will be updated automatically meaning you will never lose contact.

Sending targeted communication means your regular or loyal clients will never miss an offer, event or product update and it will come directly from a “linked” or “favoured” business that they have a genuine interest in. Reccobiz is the only site that GUARANTEES a 100% client hit rate with any form of marketing.

Easily communicate with each other at the touch of a button. Call or message by the press of a button on any mobile device.

Pick and choose who you link with and benefit from the platform functionality and forum.

Research proves 75% of sales are generated via recommendation or written testimonial, your existing clients are instrumental in your success - If they trust you - They will certainly recommend you.

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