Welcome to Reccobiz, we are Neil and Camilla

A little about us…

Neil has formed and successfully run several businesses over a 30 year period, most related to the construction and home improvement industry.

Camilla has work within a technical sales environment, managing teams of sales people, production planning and HR for over 30 years.

Between us, we have 3 adult children, 1 dog and a cat. In a nutshell, we are very average people who happen to aspire to greater things and in the process help people flourish within their own small business.

With our business experience, we understand the challenges faced with marketing and advertising within the small business industry, then finding the best ways to capitalise on the market share of potential business without breaking the bank.

What we have learned is that the vast amount of business we have carried out, comes via recommendations, I’m sure this is the same for your business. Indeed, we have had the pleasure of carrying out work for 3 generations of one family alone; this initial piece of work came via recommendation.

As normal members of the public, we also search for services and products; this can be a minefield – where do we start our search to find someone reliable or a quality product. We have also experienced the unreliability and poor products scenario. Then moving on, we have found great service providers and then miss placed their contact details, when we need them, a couple of years later.

This got us thinking, how we can utilise the value of recommendation for the benefit of everyone, which is where Reccobiz was conceived, “recommend a business”.  Our goal is to make advertising and marketing affordable and provide a level playing field for small businesses, and to make finding a good business simple for the public. Then once you have that connection, ongoing communication is very easy, the business contact can easily be shared between friends and the client can receive special offers or reminders from their favoured businesses.

Reccobiz is going to revolutionise advertising and marketing by moving with technology and creating this interactive platform that will provide genuinely recommended leads for the business and a reliable source of vetted and recommended businesses for the public to choose from.

Join us on our journey to change the face of marketing and advertising.
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Don’t just take our word for it…
Reccobiz has revolutionised the way my business gets new clients, it has helped me go from strength to strength.
Kake Jenkins | Hairdresser
Reccobiz is so easy to use, I found Kate a fantastic local hairdrersser.
Nick Adams | Happy Customer
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