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Why Reccobiz?

Reccobiz is a unique networking platform for like-minded business owners who want to grow their client base and increase revenue.

Maintaining contact with past and present customers is vital. We know this because we have over 30 years’ experience in sales and business development.

We also understand how powerful recommendations can be because that is how we’ve grown our own small businesses.

Reccobiz is an accessible and cost-effective platform that simplifies organisations’ communication strategies.

Our free trial and support package, including a personal online demonstration, will help you get up and running today.

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Exceptional businesses, step forward!

Here at Reccobiz, we only host the very best UK businesses. We know our members are good because every one of them has to provide five references before they join.

Each member has their own page which can be updated with offers and news at any time.

Customers can link with businesses to create a personalised contacts book. And businesses can communicate with all, or a selection, of their linked clients to keep their brand front of mind.

Reccobiz is the only online marketplace that allows businesses to capitalise on the direct link with customers and utilise the most powerful marketing tool – recommendation.

Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Connect with and store client details on one platform.
  • Communicate with all or a selection of clients.
  • Receive recommendations and testimonials from customers.
  • Create a link directly to a website.
  • Support and assistance available during office hours.
  • Businesses can report undesirable clients.
  • Post on all major social media platforms directly from Reccobiz.


Reccobiz users can create a personalised directory of trusted and reliable businesses. Customers can also choose to opt in or out of business updates and offers, give ratings and testimonials, and share details with friends.

Ultimately, customers can be confident that all member businesses have been vetted using stringent criteria.

These are a few of the benefits:

  • Free to all customers.
  • Locate and create a directory of professional, reliable businesses.
  • All businesses are vetted by Reccobiz; each member must provide five references on registration. This ensures only the most reliable organisations appear on the site.
  • Customers can contact linked businesses directly on the Reccobiz platform.
  • Customers can rate workmanship and leave testimonials.
  • Receive offers and updates from linked businesses.
  • Customers can report organisations which haven’t lived up to their promises.

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Don’t just take our word for it…
Reccobiz has revolutionised the way my business gets new clients, it has helped me go from strength to strength.
Kate Jenkins | Hairdresser
Reccobiz is so easy to use, I found Kate a fantastic local hairdrersser.
Nick Adams | Happy Customer
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