Never lose the contact details of great reliable trusted businesses again.

What is Reccobiz?

Reccobiz is an interactive marketing and communication platform that retains contact between business and client. It allows easy connection and communication to your “linked” client base and likewise, the public can retain contact with all of their favoured “linked” businesses.

Reccobiz is the platform where YOU sole traders and small businesses, from any industry or location, can easily connect and communicate with your client base; and where YOU the public can find, store, review and recommend your favoured businesses.

Information can easily and conveniently be shared making this the ideal place to find and recommend great businesses.

For the Business

Businesses can connect with your clients and easily share special offers, price lists, and general updates. You can communicate with individual clients, some or all of them depending on what information you want to share.  You will have you own page where you can display any information you want and update to suit you. We also provide the option of additional advertising space.

There is an affordable fixed annual charge that gives you a very balanced rate of exposure in your locality; you will not be listed with dozens of other businesses from outside of your area so your exposure is not diluted.

Regular communication with your client base will guarantee they remember you, once they “link” with you, they will always retain your details and be able to easily pass them on while receiving your special offer or new product updates.

Reccobiz is the only online marketplace that allows businesses to capitalise on the direct link between you and your customers and utilises the most powerful marketing tool – Recommendation.

  • Recommendation alone will increase the chance of making a sale by over 75%!
  • Poor communication alone accounts for more lost sales and less returning customers!
  • 80% of general sales come from 20% of your customers

Benefits for the Business

Incredibly cost effective and affordable for any small business

  • You can connect with and store all your clients on one easy to use platform
  • You can communicate easily with one, some or all clients
  • You have your own page where you can display information and / or photo’s which can be amended or updated as often as you want
  • Clients have the option to post ratings and testimonials which will show potential clients how great you are
  • Clients can recommend you via the platform making it easy for you to gain new clients
  • Option for additional advertising on home page for maximum exposure
  • Links directly to your own website if required
  • No additional hidden costs or expensive lead charges
  • Full support and assistance
  • Only link with people of your choice and cut links easily
  • Report undesirable clients

For the Public

Never lose the contact details of great reliable businesses again. You can connect with all your favoured businesses and store them all in one place for easy access; in addition, you will never miss the opportunity to receive offers and updates from them.

Share the details of great businesses with your friends and family ensuring they always get professional workmanship or quality products or services from your personally recommended experience. At the same time helping local businesses grow.

Rate your favoured businesses and provide testimonials so everyone can see how good they are, we vet all feedback to ensure we only have the most professional businesses on Reccobiz.

Forum to discuss problems and find answers to life’s hidden treasures, local or national news and events page.

Benefits for the Public

  • Completely FREE to use
  • Find and store professional, reliable businesses on one easy to use platform. From your plumber to hairdresser - dog walker to gardener – takeaway to restaurant – dentist to drain cleaner
  • All businesses provide 5 references on registration to ensure we only have the most professional businesses on Reccobiz – which will be verified
  • Contact your “linked” business via the platform for convenience via several options
  • Recommend your “linked” business contacts at the touch of a button to family and friends
  • Receive offers and updates from your favoured businesses, never miss a great deal again
  • Feel assured the business listed has been vetted and recommended by users of the site
  • Report undesirable businesses
  • Forum and local media updates for events and news

Sign-up as a public user on Reccobiz FREE of charge

Don’t just take our word for it…
Reccobiz has revolutionised the way my business gets new clients, it has helped me go from strength to strength.
Kate Jenkins | Hairdresser
Reccobiz is so easy to use, I found Kate a fantastic local hairdrersser.
Nick Adams | Happy Customer
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